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09 October 2011

The First (an idea)

Dear Followers,

I guess I'm finally doing it. I'm finally starting a blog. I've contemplated doing this for some time and as some of you may know I even made a poll on Facebook. After 24 hours of watching the comments of that Facebook note it seems the verdict was to start a blog. As some of you are probably wondering, I to am wondering exactly how long will I be able to keep doing this before I simply tire away from it like I have with so many other things in my life. Hopefully though, I can stick to it.

My wife seems to think starting this blog will get my creative juices flowing and make me wander back over to my other projects, God above knows I hope she's right (Jamion I miss you). Some friends back home wanted me to start this blog so they could (I guess) travel with me through Italy and Europe. Not travel with me in the sense of tagging along, but I believe written word should be more than just something one reads, but something one can feel, smell, taste, and completely wrap oneself snug tight in if you so wanted. 

Who knows maybe some blog posts wont even be about what I've done over the past couple of days. But those of you who know me, know I love to write. So maybe you'll even get the occasional look into what I'm writing.

I guess you should also know that this blog will be totally random. Hell, I have no idea what to blog about so I guess I'll just do what I love doing and write.

Hope you all enjoy.
Bridges U. Stevenson Jr.



  1. excited to travel with you through your blog posts :) love you brother bear!

  2. This is what I was talking about. I love reading about your adventures. Keep it up!