13 October 2011

Day 1 (the arrival)

Dear 'The Loyal' and other guests,

I'm excited, I don't work again until 2 Nov. Between now and then I'll go to Capri for the first time, Florence and Pisa again, hopefully Milan for the first time, Rome for the millionth time, and Paris for the first time. So now I sit here at 7 AM (0700) just got off of work with a fresh cup of coffee by my side contemplating how I'm going to stay sane during this holiday. You see all this exciting stuff is about to happen including the arrival of my family.

As you know one of my sisters is already here. Like me she's an adult; we bicker some, but find me close siblings who don't. But at 210 PM (1410) today my father, mother, kid sister, and kid brother land after an exhausting 3 legs of flight from San Francisco, Ca. I have a two bedroom apartment that we'll share before we head up north; we barely survived each other with two floors (three if you include the basement) to keep us separated.

And against most advice I decided not to fly to Paris, and against the rest I also decided not to ride the train, but to rent a 9 passenger van for all of us to cram into. I wanted to do a road trip through France and Germany this summer, but I didn't get the chance therefor this trip will have to suffice. I love driving and site seeing and I personally think having a personal vehicle grants you more freedom to see what you want to see when you want see it than being bound by a rail or air schedule would.  So maybe I'm asking for trouble shoving my parents, siblings, wife and child into a van for the better part of two weeks, but at least I'll enjoy the drive.

I'm sure today will be amazing. I'm not sleeping until after I pick them up and I've been up since 4 PM (1600) yesterday. I guess thats my fault, but if I go to sleep now they'll be stuck at the airport, because well you try getting out of bed at 130 PM (1330) when you work a night schedule. Or actually just go ahead and set your alarm for 130 AM and try not to kill yourself or another undeserving human being after 12 hours of work.


I am really happy to see them; it's nearly been a year since I saw any of my family in person. My goal is less than 5 avoidable arguments, because I just want to have a good time with them. We never did trips like this growing up, so it will be a new experience for the whole family. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable holiday, I'm 92% positive it will be. 

I'm starting to rant now, so I'll let you go back to updating your Facebook profile, twitting (what I call tweeting), and watching pictures of cats and fail videos.

Stay tuned for the ride I hope you won't mind cramming into that van with us.

Thanks for reading and please follow my blog to become one of 'The Loyal'.

Out for now,
Bridges U. Stevenson Jr.


1 comment:

  1. Your statistics are interesting...92%? lol. No worries, you're going to have a spectacular time with your fam. I'm sooo happy that they are there. Cherished memories are in the works. Look forward to joining you in your travels, so dont forget to update your loyal followers. Oh, and please post some photos and videos when opportunity allows. Love and hugs to you all.

    Oh...Sorry about the coffee. I can tell you where to pick up a fabulous expresso tho. :)