28 November 2011

Time away

Dear 'The Loyal' and other readers,

I want to start by saying sorry to all of 'The Loyal'. Why? Because I haven't posted in a while and I had my reasons for not doing so and I guess it wouldn't be fair to you if I didn't allow you to know why. It was simply, because I wasn't enjoying writing this type of blog. As far as writing is concerned, I love to write fiction (http://fictionalescapes.blogspot.com/) and I started a new blog. The blog is called Fictional Escapes. It's just a place where I can write flash fiction and the world can view what I've created. So I was off doing that for a while and greatly enjoying it.

I was going to completely stop this blog and do away with it, but I have decided to give it another shot. I'm not promising that I'll keep this blog up forever, but I will at least give you the story I promised you. So if you'll forgive my sudden absence and accept my hand as I humbly ask you to hop back into our eight passanger van with a dent in the rear bumber I promise to take you to Paris and back. 

Now that that has been said let us go to Florence. 

Bridges "Live away from life"

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