04 November 2011


Dear 'The Loyal' and other readers,

I'm going to  start out by saying sorry for the long spacing between posts. It was my intention to post on the road, but I haven't had reliable internet access so I'm doing so now home from the road and back in Naples.

Ahh L'Isola di Capri. A lovely island only 75 minutes by ferry off the coast of Napoli known for being one of the worlds most expensive places to live. WARINING: do not bring a stroller- stick to your Baby Bjorn unless you prefer carrying a stroller up a mountain worth of stairs only to get to the top and realize you could've taken a bus. To be completely honest though I wasn't too impressed with the islands foods or shops. Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful island. So much in fact that me and the wife are planning to go back (alone), probably next summer when the weather is a bit more predictable.

Stay tuned maybe you'll get more on Capri next year.

Bridges (Don't forget to live away from life friends)


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